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Man down Systems

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man down system in bathroom

At Puma Security Systems Ltd, our commitment to safety extends to our specialised man-down system. We understand the importance of protecting lone workers, especially in roles that involve patrolling commercial properties. Our man-down systems serve as reliable alarms that swiftly detect incidents such as slips, trips, or falls, ensuring the immediate safety of employees working alone.


In Cork, we offer a comprehensive range of man-down devices and systems, including panic alert, alarm, and personal security systems, all tailored to safeguard your staff during their tasks. Recognising that each business has distinct security needs, we provide in-depth consultations to develop customised man-down systems that precisely match your requirements.


As a reputable and seasoned security company in Cork, Puma Security Systems Ltd is dedicated to enhancing the security and well-being of your workforce, providing practical and dependable solutions for your business.

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What are man down systems?

Man Down Systems is critical in workplace safety, mainly when your company employs lone workers to patrol your commercial property. These systems act as alarms that promptly detect slips, trips, or falls, ensuring the well-being of your employees when they are working in isolation.


At Protech Security Systems, we provide a variety of man-down devices and systems in Cork. Our offerings include panic alert systems, alarm systems, and personal security systems, all designed to enhance the safety of your staff during their work activities.


Recognising that every business has unique needs, we offer comprehensive consultations to create a tailored man-down system that aligns with your specific security requirements. As a well-established and professional security company in Cork, we present a range of solutions designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your business dependably and practically.

For a free quote on our expert man-down alert systems, contact our team today!

Who are man down systems catered to?

Man down systems are catered to a range of different people and situations such as:

  • Elderly

  • Lone workers

  • To be used as a panic button

Are you in search of man-down alarm systems in Leinster? Contact our team today!

The advantages of installing man down systems:

There are many advantages of having a man down system:

  • It is a small mobile-like device

  • Man-down systems trigger when a person changes from vertical to horizontal

  • An alert is triggered to police or an ambulance

  • They offer your exact location exact location

  • They are an excellent safety measure for lone workers

To avail of our high-quality man-down alarm device installations, contact Puma Security Systems Ltd today!

Man-down systems FAQ’s

  • What is the catchment area of our intruder alarm system services?
    At Puma Security Systems Ltd, we cater our intruder alarm system services to clients in Leinster.
  • Do we offer free quotes on intruder alarm systems?
    Yes! At Puma Security Systems Ltd, we offer free quotes on all home intruder alarm systems.
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