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Intruder Alarm Systems

For more information on our high-quality intruder alarm system services, contact Puma Security Systems Ltd today!

Two CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control pad on top of security plans

Puma Security Systems Ltd is your trusted source for comprehensive intruder alarm system services. We offer expert installation, ensuring your property is safeguarded with a state-of-the-art security system. Our skilled technicians are also on hand to provide swift and efficient repair services, restoring the integrity of your intruder alarm system.


We offer regular maintenance services to keep your security system in top shape, preventing potential issues and ensuring it functions flawlessly. We even supply top-quality intruder alarm systems, so you can count on us for end-to-end solutions to meet your security needs. At Puma Security Systems Ltd, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Contact Puma Security Systems Ltd today for a free quote on burglar security alarm system installation!

What intruder alarm system services do we offer?

At Puma Security Systems Ltd, we offer clients a variety of different intruder alarm systems services

  • Intruder alarm system installation

  • Intruder alarm system repair

  • Intruder alarm system maintenance

  • Intruder alarm system supply

  • 24-hour monitoring

For professional home intruder alarm services in Leinster, contact Puma Security Systems Ltd today!

Can we take over existing intruder alarm systems?

At Puma Security Systems Ltd, we specialise in installing high-quality intruder alarm systems. Upon customer request, we can also take over and maintain pre-existing intruder alarm systems.

To avail of our high-quality home intruder alarm maintenance services, contact our team today!

What intruder alarm system brands do we work with?


For a free quote on intruder alarm installations contact Puma Security Systems Ltd today!

Intruder Alarm Systems FAQ’s

  • What is the catchment area of our intruder alarm system services?
    At Puma Security Systems Ltd, we cater our intruder alarm system services to clients in Leinster.
  • Do we offer free quotes on intruder alarm systems?
    Yes! At Puma Security Systems Ltd, we offer free quotes on all home intruder alarm systems.
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